Everything I Wanted

Released 12/29/2019

Lyrics by Billie Eilish

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About the rendition

I was singing along to this in the car one day when I started doing a quiet, Buckley-esque falsetto to match the volume (and vulnerability) of Billie's own performance. I thought it might be fun to plunk out in the vein of "Hallelujah", so I recorded a small clip for an entry into my #TLDpajamajam series on Instagram.

After doing this, the recording bug bit me. Hard. I've backburnered my musical endeavors for the better part of two years, focusing instead on acting and well...surviving in L.A. Since my new album is still a ways out, it gutted me to think that a year would go by without releasing something official, so I got to work! I scoured Buckley's catalogue, listening for different types of strumming styles and vocal deliveries. I wanted to incorporate as much as I could while doing justice to both artists, adding my own personal flavor, and above all keeping the vibe of the song intact.

The original plan was to release the song on Christmas day as a gift to myself (hence the cover photo), but anhedonia set in and I hit a wall. It also didn't help that I began tracking guitar on Xmas Eve, thinking I could get it all recorded, mixed, and mastered in time. The task became overwhelming and, more importantly, stopped being fun, so I took a day to relax. Funny how even on Christmas I can feel guilty about not being productive... The next day, I recorded vocals and decided to outsource mixing and mastering duties to golden god Luiza Carvalho. And yes I realize the irony of that statement so close to Christmas. Sacrilicious!

Anyhoo, thanks for reading, and enjoy the song!