From Austin, With Love

Released 7/14/11

01. Can't Help Falling In Love [Elvis Presley]
02. Ring Of Fire [Johnny Cash]
03. 3 Libras [A Perfect Circle]
04. Hide And Seek [Imogen Heap]
05. Wicked Game [Chris Isaak]
06. In Your Eyes [Peter Gabriel]
07. Everlong [Foo Fighters]

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About the album

For my birthday I wanted to give something back to my Indy friends who always wanted me to record versions of these songs after hearing me play them live when I was first starting out. Due to a cascade of unfortunate events, the songs had to be re-recorded and the release postponed. The most disappointing part of this is that I always choose my release dates to mean something in reference to the albums themselves, but I suppose I could just bullshit this as a good date considering it's exactly two months later for the second try... Yep! I'll do just that.

A special shout-out goes to my "biggest fan", Grandma Henkel!

Simpsons reference: None that were planned, but...hmm... Wait, Johnny Cash voices the coyote in Homer's insanity pepper-induced hallucination! Excellent...
(El Viaje Misterioso De Nuestro Jomer)