Original Sin
[Julian Shah-Tayler Feelin' Ravenous Remix]

Released 6/6/2022

Devil's in my head, and he brought his whole tacklebox
Fishin' in my thalami until his hook is locked
He says "Tell me, if it's made to feel so good
Why you meant to feel so bad about it?"
Devil's got a right fine point that's sure to leave a mark

It's our God-given right

Toss your keys back in your purse; we've got plenty of time
Throw some red vinyl on, and pierce a hook in your spine
Just tell me if it starts to hurt too good
Hell, we can come original however we want
A lone devil's on my shoulder 'cos the angel got kicked behind

You're lookin' foxy, and I'm feelin' ravenous
So what's a pair of carnivores to do?

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