Tusks And Ribs

Released 11/11/11

01. Toby The Lionhearted lyrics
02. Come With Me (The Elephants And Skeletons March On) lyrics
03. Queue lyrics
04. SOS lyrics
05. The Gentleman & The Coquette Reunite In Outer Space (A Cosmic Ballet) about

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About the album

Since releasing Diamond Dust & Fireflies alongside Diamond Days & Firenights, I've been super keen on the idea of putting out sister EPs to accompany all of my full-lengths. I rarely have additional tracks left over after completing an album, but when Elephants/Skeletons was done, I had little seedlings of all of these songs somewhat underway. Shame to let them go to waste, so here we are!

I've been struggling to keep my release date tradition alive, and had planned to put out Tusks on 10/10 (a year after Elephants), but due to some muggle life reasons, I had to postpone. Still, 11/11/11 ain't bad! What sucks is that I always wanted to do a full-band show on 11/11/11 playing Diamond Days in its entirety (starting at 11:11, natch), but I suppose a new release will have to suffice. Maybe we can all reunite in 2111 and play the show then! I'll book it now...

Simpsons reference: Leonard Nimoy uses the term "cosmic ballet" when talking about a solar eclipse. (Marge Vs. The Monorail)