Tracks In The Snow

I found the ring right away, indicating you'd gone and won't come back
I hoped and I prayed that there might be a way we could patch things
Alas, things can't change, but if that's the case, why'd you say, "now and forever"?

Now who's gonna put the spark in your eyes?
And who's gonna sing the songs that you like?
And who's gonna light the fire in your life?
Just who's takin' you home tonight?

Tracks in the snow, that is all that I'm leaving behind me
When I reach that field on the outskirts where we used to lay, then it's over
I drove here to stay and always remain, seeing your face now and forever

I'd shift the car out of neutral
I'd even pull out the key
And I'd take the hose out the window
If you would only come back to me

About the song

This might be my favorite song I've ever written. It's also definitely the most morose song I've ever written. Weird. Anyhoo, I woke up one morning with the main guitar riff playing in my head and immediately (and groggily) knew how to retune my guitar to play it (It's an unusually wonky tuning). I later re-recorded it for Diamond Days because it fit the theme/story of the album: At this point, the facade has been cast aside and desperation is taking hold.

I also thought I could do a much better job on the vocals a second time around...