Girl With The Rhino Skin

She has the face of a woman
Young, but toughened, almost wooden
A curse she received in her youth

Only a girl of seven
When her mother taught her a lesson
One called "the ultimate truth"
She said, "Girl, don't count on anyone
And you'll never be let down"

So how do you propose to begin
To open up to your fellow man
When you can't even see that your skin is porcelain
But it's as thick as cement?

I've done my share of neglecting
Those who would warrant protecting
But you only see target boards

Don't be afraid to be human
We're stronger than you assume
We are more than you give credit for
Now, girl, just have an ounce of faith
And you may just be astounded

About the song

I take it back. This is probably my favorite song I've ever written.